Courses Taught

Course Descriptions

  • BIO 1108: Principles of Biology II
    Designed to provide a foundation for more advanced courses in Biology and related sciences. Topics covered include ecology, evolution, genetics, and plant biology.

  • EEB 2100e: Global Change Ecology
    Causes and ecological consequences of anthropogenic environmental change. Topics include: ecological consequences of human modification of the earth, sea and air; biotic responses to environmental change; and sustaining future ecosystems functions.

  • EEB 2208e: Introduction to Conservation Biology
    Patterns of biodiversity and extinction; causes of extinction and population declines; ecological restoration; conservation planning; protection of ecosystem services; implementing conservation actions; conservation economics; conservation law; effects of global change.

  • EEB 2244e: General Ecology
    Fundamental ecological dynamics of communities, populations and ecosystems, with emphasis in discussion sections on reading primary literature, problem-solving, and exposure to ecological research techniques.

  • EEB 2245: Evolutionary Biology
    Introduction to evolutionary mechanisms, biogeography, and the history of major groups of plants and animals.

  • EEB 2254W: Current Research Topics in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    Engagement with primary research literature in ecology and evolutionary biology, and development of written communication skills through writing, editing, revising, and peer feedback.

  • EEB 3244W: Writing in Ecology
    A “writing in the discipline” course involving critical engagement with primary research literature in ecology.  Students learn the structure of STEM academic writing, editing and revision skills, and how to give effective peer feedback.